If you live in the UK you may wondering where the sun is most of the year.

As accustomed to the rain and cold as we are, there’s nothing quite like a beautiful warm sunny day so if you need some sand, sea and surf to brighten up your day, check out The Mallorca Files.

Based on the island of, you guessed it, Mallorca, the hit TV series stars Elen Rhys as Detective Miranda Blake and Julian Looman as Detective Max Winter, and has quickly become a favourite among cozy crime drama enthusiasts.

Set against the stunning backdrop of the Mediterranean, The Mallorca Files brings a unique twist to the crime-solving genre.

The show follows the unlikely partnership of Miranda Blake, a meticulous British detective, and Max Winter, a laid-back German detective.

Blake is a no-nonsense detective who takes her job very seriously and her character is marked by her dedication and keen eye for detail.

On the other hand, Max Winter is more relaxed and intuitive, often relying on his charm and local knowledge to solve cases.

This clash of cultures and methods not only adds humour but also depth to their partnership.

The island of Mallorca itself plays a crucial role in the series. The picturesque landscapes, bustling markets, and historic sites provide a rich and colorful setting for the show’s various mysteries.

Each episode takes viewers to different parts of the island, showcasing its beauty while unraveling intricate cases.

I’ve been to Mallorca and it really is as beautiful as it looks on the show, though I hasten to add that the most exciting thing I did was learn to make a paella and maybe make one or two unwise cocktail choices!

Returning for a Third Season

The first season aired on BBC in 2019 and was an instant hit so of course it was renewed.

When the second season aired in 2021 hopes were high for a quick turnaround for more episodes but the pandemic pretty much put paid to that and filming ground to a halt.

Literally years passed before we got anymore updates and then in February 2023, Elen Rhys posted a pic on Instagram letting us all know that season 3 was in the works and being filmed.

She followed it up a few months later, in August, to let us all know that the season had wrapped and that brings us nicely to the present day in June 2024.

One of our favourite detective duos announced a new home for The Mallorca Files season 3 – Amazon Prime!

It appears that the BBC have partnered with Amazon MGM Studios and honestly, I’m so happy to get another season that I don’t mind where it airs!

So get the diaries out because season 3 will drop on August 8th 2024.

Let’s just hope they renew it for Season 4!

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A Recipe For Success

One of the main reasons The Mallorca Files stands out is its ability to blend thrilling crime stories with light-hearted moments.

The chemistry between Rhys and Looman is palpable, making their interactions believable and enjoyable and like so many similar style shows, there are real will-they-wont-they undertones in every single episode.

Sadly though they haven’t got together yet but I think it’s only a matter of time before Blake succumbs to Max’s charms!

Additionally, the series has a knack for developing intriguing storylines that keep fans guessing until the very end.

Whether it’s a high-profile murder, a complex theft, or a baffling disappearance, each episode presents a fresh challenge for the dynamic duo.

That’s me off to re-watch them all again – after all, it has been more than three years since the last episode aired and I might need a refresher!

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