If you’re looking for a TV show that combines mystery, humour, and a bit of romance, My Life is Murder starring Lucy Lawless is the perfect pick.

This show has everything a fan of crime dramas could want, with the added bonus of Lawless’s captivating performance as the lead character, Alexa Crowe.

An Australian and New Zealand crime-comedy series that first aired in 2019, My Life is Murder is set in the picturesque cities of Melbourne (season 1) and Auckland (season 2 and onwards).

The show follows the adventures of Alexa Crowe, a former detective who can’t seem to leave her sleuthing days behind.

Despite her attempts to live a quiet life and bake bread, Alexa’s knack for solving complex cases keeps drawing her back into the world of crime and mystery.

Known for her unconventional methods and dry sense of humour, Alexa has a keen eye for detail and an innate ability to see through lies.

Madison is her quirky and tech-savvy sidekick and, working as a data analyst, assists Alexa in cracking cases with her impressive computer skills.

Her youthful energy and enthusiasm often contrast with Alexa’s more jaded outlook, making their partnership both dynamic and entertaining.

And then we have Kieran Hussey, a detective inspector who frequently seeks Alexa’s help on tough cases.

Though he only appears in the first season with a couple of appearances in the second, his role in the show is then picked up by Detective Harry Henare (Rawiri Jobe) with whom Alexa has a will-they-wont-they ‘thing’ with.

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Returning For a Fourth Season

The good news is that Acorn has officially announced that My Life is Murder season 4 will be returning.

The first two episodes will drop on June 17th, with weekly episodes then airing every Monday until all eight episodes are done.

Savvy fans among you will notice that this is slightly less than normal, as the previous three seasons have all had ten episodes.

I wish I could tell you why but there doesn’t seem to be an official reason, which is a real shame because it’s such a good show, an extra couple of episodes would have been brilliant.

Let’s just hope they renew it for Season 5!

How Does The Show Play Out?

Like most cozy crime tv series, each episode of My Life is Murder presents a new and intriguing case for Alexa to solve.

Generally, she has sworn off investigating until Detective Henare brings her an intriguing and generally unsolvable case.

The mystery is well-crafted, keeping viewers on their toes and guessing until the very end.

With its classic whodunit elements and modern twists, it is a fresh take on the crime genre that has a few romantic undertones as Alexa tries to move on with her life after the death of her husband.

Lucy Lawless shines as Alexa Crowe, with her witty one-liners and relatable flaws endearing her to audiences.

And, while the show deals with serious crimes, it never loses its sense of humour.

The banter between Alexa and Madison provides comic relief, and there’s always plenty of storylines about the personal lives of the characters, which gives the whole show a balance of light-hearted moments and heartfelt storytelling.

Where Is The Show Set?

The first season was filmed in Melbourne, giving it an Australian setting, but from season 2, Alexa had moved to New Zealand and bases herself in Auckland.

Initially, it was so Alexa could help her brother, Will (Martin Henderson), out of a bind, but she then decided to stay, giving us viewers a real New Zealand treat.

It also happens to be Lucy Lawless’s hometown, so a win-win for her!

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