There are a few shows that I would happily watch on repeat, and The Brokenwood Mysteries is one of them.

In a similar vein to Midsomer Murders, this show is absolutely top-notch and unmissable for cozy crime fans.

Set in New Zealand, if you’ve never watched it, there’s something truly special about this show that might make it your next favourite.

I watch it on Acorn, but it is also available on Amazon though you may have to pay for it as I don’t think it’s included in Prime.

So what is it all about it, who are the main players, and what makes it so darn good??

What’s It About?

The show is set in the fictional small town of Brokenwood and is a delightful mix of classic detective stories and the charm of small-town life.

Brokenwood is a quaint, picturesque town where everyone seems to know each other, but despite its serene appearance, it harbours many secrets and mysteries, making it the perfect backdrop for a crime drama.

From farms to vineyards and farmers’ markets to golf clubs, the settings are familiar, and the murders have just the right amount of quirkiness so that each episode is like a new puzzle.

And the job of solving those puzzles falls to Detective Senior Sergeant Mike Shepherd (Neill Rea) at the centre, with Fern Sutherland as Detective Kristin Sims by his side.

Nic Sampson as DC Sam Breen was also in series 1-7, and after he left, he was replaced by Jarod Rawiri as DC Daniel Chalmers.

Alongside Cristina Ionda as Dr. Gina Kadinsky, the medical examiner, they solve murder cases with a unique style and approach.

The show follows a classic whodunit format, where clues are gradually revealed, leading to unexpected twists and turns.

And, like any good cozy crime mystery, you can play along at home, which makes it even more engaging.

The Brokenwood Mysteries has the perfect balance of tension, humour and heart and relies on the characters and storytelling, making it perfect comfort tv.

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Best Characters

Aside from the trio of detectives, who are all brilliant, there are a few other characters who crop up in most episodes because they live in the town.

Special mention has to go to Gina, the coroner whose love of all things Mike Shepherd and dislike of all things Kristin are absolute treats.

The other four who I can’t live without are Frodo, who is a bit of a hapless but loveable rogue; Ray Neilson, who owns every pub in town and the local pizzeria; his sister Trudy and the irritating but hilarious Dennis Buchanan, a defence lawyer who seems to defend every guilty person in town.

My absolute favourite was Pana Hema Taylor as Jared Morehu, who was in the first few seasons but left the show in season 6. Come back Jared, we miss you!!

Between them all, they either commit, know something about, or help solve every mystery the small town throws up.

It’s that continuity that has kept the show running for so long, and I love it.

What Season Are We On?

Not that it’s confusing, but the dates that the show airs in New Zealand and other territories around the world differ greatly.

Ten seasons have been made so far, and all ten have aired in its home country.

For those not in NZ, the wait is a little longer – even though it’s an Acorn show and the platform is available in the UK and the US.

As an example – in the UK, you can watch nine seasons on UKTV Play and eight on Acorn – no sign of number ten yet but it usually drops in August or September.

But in the US, all ten seasons have aired as of April 2024. Doesn’t seem very fair does it??

Other than that, there are four episodes in the first six seasons which was then increased to six episodes from seasons seven to ten.

Don’t worry though, they are around 90 minutes each so more like TV films which makes up for the lack of episodes.

It’s the perfect binge, so if you’ve never seen it, check it out now, and you can thank me later!

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