In a literary world brimming with detective stories and crime-solving enigmas, finding a series that captivates, entertains, and keeps you guessing till the very end is a rare treasure.

Enter the realm of Simon Brett’s Mrs. Pargeter mysteries, a compilation of wit, intrigue, and classic sleuthing. Now available in one brilliant box set with KindleUnlimited, this collection offers eight enthralling crime mysteries that promise hours of entertainment.

Perfect for aficionados of Agatha Christie, M.C. Beaton, and the modern charm of The Thursday Murder Club, these novels are sure to hook readers from the first page.

Meet Mrs. Pargeter – Your New Favorite Sleuth

Sixty-something Melita Pargeter is a figure of elegance, intelligence, and a touch of sass that sets her apart from your average detective. Contrary to the rumors surrounding her late husband, Mrs. Pargeter has been left in comfortable circumstances, yet it’s her sharp intellect and keen observation skills that truly define her. With a knack for finding herself in the midst of mysteries, she approaches each challenge with class and a bit of cheek, making her an unforgettable character in the crime mystery genre.

Enter the Enthralling World of Mrs. Pargeter

Book 1: A Nice Class of Corpse – The series kicks off with Mrs. Pargeter at a seaside hotel, where the death of a timid woman sparks her curiosity and sleuthing skills.

Book 2: Mrs, Presumed Dead – A move to Surrey leads Mrs. Pargeter to unravel the mysterious disappearance of the previous homeowners, diving into a world of secrets and deceit.

Book 3: Mrs Pargeter’s Package – A holiday in Corfu takes a dark turn when Mrs. Pargeter investigates the suspicious death of a friend, uncovering more than just tourist attractions.

Book 4: Mrs Pargeter’s Pound of Flesh – At a health spa, relaxation turns to investigation when a guest’s death raises Mrs. Pargeter’s suspicions about the true cause.

Book 5: Mrs Pargeter’s Plot – Construction of a summer home uncovers a body and a mystery involving a wrongfully accused builder, prompting Mrs. Pargeter to seek justice.

Book 6: Mrs Pargeter’s Point of Honour – A quest to return priceless paintings embroils Mrs. Pargeter in a theft that leads to more than just art being uncovered.

Book 7: Mrs Pargeter’s Principle – Attending a funeral brings Mrs. Pargeter face-to-face with her husband’s past and a threat that she’s determined to confront.

Book 8: Mrs Pargeter’s Public Relations – A charity event turned crime scene provides the backdrop for Mrs. Pargeter’s latest foray into solving murders and unraveling mysteries.

Critical Acclaim and Awards

Simon Brett’s creation has not only captivated readers worldwide but also garnered acclaim from critics and peers. Described as “Murder most enjoyable” by Colin Dexter and celebrated for its enchanting writing by The Sunday Times, the series has established itself as a staple in the crime mystery genre. Brett’s prowess was further recognized with a prestigious CWA Diamond Dagger Award, marking his indelible contribution to literature.

Why This Box Set Is a Must-Have

For fans of crime mysteries, this box set is an irresistible collection that brings together hours of engaging storytelling and intricate plotting. Whether you’re a long-time admirer of the genre or new to the charm of Mrs. Pargeter, the series offers a fresh perspective with a blend of humor, malice, and mystery that is rare to find.

Each book is a journey into a different setting, with unique challenges that showcase Mrs. Pargeter’s versatility as a sleuth and the depth of Simon Brett’s writing.


The Mrs. Pargeter series is more than just a set of crime mysteries; it’s a gateway to a world where wit meets wisdom, and intrigue meets intelligence. Available for free with KindleUnlimited, this collection is a must-read for anyone looking for their next favorite sleuth.

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