Discover the Perfect Presents for the Armchair Detective in Your Life

This page is your one-stop-shop for finding the perfect gift for cozy crime mystery lovers.

Whether it's a birthday, holiday, or just because, our selection promises to delight fans of the genre with thoughtful, themed merchandise that echoes the charm and intrigue of their favorite stories.

As you explore our collection, remember that each item is more than just merchandise—it's a tribute to the enduring appeal of cozy crime mysteries and a testament to the community of readers and sleuths who cherish them.

Mugs: It is almost a requirement that you settle into a good book or your favorite murder mystery tv show with a cuppa. 

Our collection of designs are fun and quirky and will make a great addition to your collection. 

Notebooks: Every good detective knows that in order to catch a suspect you have to follow the evidence. 

What better way to keep track of those clues than in your very own journal?

T-Shirts: For the fashion-forward mystery fan, our collection of t-shirts offers a blend of comfort and style, featuring clever nods to classic tropes and beloved characters of the genre.

Wear your love for cozy crime on your sleeve—literally—with designs that speak to the heart of every armchair detective.

Posters: Decorate your personal space with a touch of mystery! Our posters capture the essence of cozy crime mysteries.

From vintage-inspired book cover art to minimalist designs that evoke the serene yet sinister settings, this is where the best plots unfold. 

Games: Engage in the thrill of the chase with board games and puzzles that celebrate the genre.

Designed for both solo play and group gatherings, these games challenge your detective skills, offering hours of entertainment and the joy of cracking cases from the comfort of your home.

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I've read enough books to know that while they may wonderfully creative, they can also be a tad confusing, or worse, packed with so many clues that you simply can't put the pieces together. So we've created a completely unique set of spiral notebooks and hardback journals to take care of that little problem. Now, any time you find a juicy tidbit, jot it down and put the pieces of the puzzle together without losing track of who's who. They also make great presents and gifts for your cozy crime-obsessed friends and family!


I like a tee that says something about me as a person. The graphics and the messages are fun and creative, and I wanted to do the same thing for cozy crime fans like me and my friends. With that in mind, I've put together six of my best-selling designs, each of which conveys my love for all things cozy crime. From the quirky to the cute, these t-shirts come in a range of colors, sizes and styles and are the perfect treat for yourself or somebody you love. Life's too short to be boring so add a little fun to your wardrobe and let the world know you're a whodunit fan!


These Case File games plunge players into intricate narratives filled with enigmatic characters, challenging puzzles, and hidden clues waiting to be unearthed.

Each pack takes you on a new adventure, from the shadowy corners of haunted mansions to the deceptive tranquility of small towns brimming with secrets.

Ideal for both seasoned and novice detectives alike, Mystery Case Files games promise hours of engaging gameplay, making them the perfect gift for any cozy crime fan.