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Welcome to the Books section of our website, dedicated to fans and newcomers of the cozy crime mystery genre alike.

Cozy crime mysteries are characterized by their engaging narratives that prioritize puzzle-solving and character development over graphic content. These stories often unfold in picturesque settings, where the intrigue of the mystery is matched by the charm of the locale.

Our collection features classic titles such as Agatha Christie's "Evil Under the Sun", Dorothy L. Sayers' "Strong Poison", and Robin Stevens' "Murder Most Unladylike". Each book represents a cornerstone of the genre, offering readers engaging plots, memorable characters, and settings that have become iconic within the world of cozy mysteries. These classics provide a solid foundation for anyone looking to explore the genre.

In addition to highlighting these timeless works, we also offer reviews of the latest cozy crime books. This section aims to keep our readers informed about new releases, ensuring you have access to the most recent additions to the genre. Our reviews focus on the key elements of each book, helping you decide which new titles might be of interest.

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Our guide on where to buy Cozy Crime Books, encompassing both the convenience of online platforms and the charm of in-person shopping experiences, let’s explore the various options available to readers and collectors alike. This comprehensive look aims to help you find your next favorite cozy mystery, no matter your preference for shopping.

Online Retailers


  • Benefits: Amazon’s vast selection and user-friendly interface make it a go-to for cozy crime lovers. The platform offers both new and used books, including hard-to-find titles and out-of-print editions. Reviews and ratings can guide your choices, while recommendations based on your browsing and purchasing history might lead you to discover hidden gems. Prime membership benefits, such as free shipping, add to the appeal.


  • Benefits: Ideal for collectors and those seeking first editions or rare finds, eBay is a treasure trove for unique cozy crime books. The auction format allows you to find books at competitive prices, while Buy It Now options provide immediate purchase opportunities. eBay’s global marketplace means access to international editions and sellers.

Brick-and-Mortar Stores


  • Benefits: For UK readers, Waterstones offers a curated selection of cozy crime mysteries in a welcoming, browse-friendly environment. Their knowledgeable staff can provide recommendations, and the atmosphere of physical bookshops adds to the overall shopping experience. Waterstones also hosts author events, signings, and book clubs, enhancing the community aspect of cozy crime reading.

Thrift Stores

  • Benefits: Thrift stores are perfect for readers on a budget. They offer the thrill of the hunt, as you never know what out-of-print classic you might stumble upon at a bargain price. Shopping at thrift stores also supports charitable causes, making your book purchase a means of giving back to the community.

Garage Sales

  • Benefits: Similar to thrift stores, garage sales can be goldmines for cozy crime enthusiasts looking for deals. They provide an opportunity to discover books that might not be available elsewhere, often at significantly reduced prices. Garage sales also offer a personal touch, as you can sometimes learn the history of the book directly from the seller.

Specialty Stores and Other Venues

Specialist Book Shops

  • Benefits: Specialist bookshops, particularly those focusing on mysteries or second-hand books, can be excellent sources for both new releases and classic titles. The specialized focus means the selection is curated with care, and shop owners are usually passionate about the genre, ready to share insights and recommendations.

Library Sales and Book Fairs

  • Benefits: Libraries and community book fairs often sell used books to clear out inventory and raise funds. These sales are great for finding cozy crime books at low prices. Additionally, supporting library sales helps fund community programs, making your purchase beneficial for both you and your local community.

Online Book Communities and Swaps

  • Benefits: Websites and social media groups dedicated to book swapping or selling can be excellent resources for finding specific titles. These communities offer a way to trade books you’ve finished for others you’re interested in, keeping your bookshelf fresh and engaging while fostering a sense of community among readers.

Independent Online Sellers

  • Benefits: Independent retailers and platforms like Etsy or AbeBooks cater to niche markets, including cozy crime enthusiasts. These sellers often provide personalized customer service, and purchasing from them supports small businesses and independent booksellers, contributing to the diversity of the book market.

Digital Platforms

E-Books and Audiobooks

  • Benefits: For those who prefer digital or audio formats, platforms like Kindle, Audible, and Kobo offer extensive libraries of cozy crime titles. Digital books are convenient, portable, and often more affordable than their physical counterparts. Audiobooks bring stories to life with narration, allowing you to enjoy your favorite mysteries while on the go.

Subscription Services

  • Benefits: Book subscription services such as Book of the Month or genre-specific clubs offer a curated reading experience, delivering hand-picked cozy mysteries directly to your door. These services provide a way to discover new authors and titles you might not have chosen yourself, all while building an exciting and diverse collection.


From the convenience and breadth of selection offered by online giants like Amazon and eBay to the personalized shopping experience of specialist bookshops and the community spirit of library sales, each venue offers unique benefits. Thrift stores, garage sales, and online communities not only present economical options but also the joy of discovery.

For digital enthusiasts, e-books, audiobooks, and subscription services provide modern convenience and a new way to engage with your favorite mysteries.

In exploring these diverse options, you’ll not only find your next cozy crime book but also support a wide range of businesses and communities.

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